28 Day Energy Challenge

Do you suffer from having chronic fatigue?

Do you need a daily energy boost to make it through work?

Do you find yourself going to bed early and still don’t feel recharge in the morning?

If so, this challenge is for you!!!

Over four weeks we are going to help you feel better, increase your energy, and have your feeling like a million bucks!

Here is an overview of what to expect for the challenge:

Energy Challenge Overview

The Energy Challenge is made up of four different parts:
Stress Reduction

We are going to spend one week on each aspect and try to build upon each other.
Food – during the first week we are going to focus on eating foods that help boost your energy and will go in depth into how different nutrition choices can affect your energy throughout the day.
Movement – the second week is all about getting up and being active. Simple daily movement can make a huge difference in overall energy so get ready to get moving!
Sleep – proper recovery is critical when we are talking about energy. Most of us don’t get enough quality sleep during the night and we are going to dive deep on your sleep routines in week three.
Stress Management – we all have stress. That’s never going to change. What we want to do is learn how to manage it better and realize what our major stressors are. By the end of the challenge you should have a better game plan for managing your stress and feeling energized!

You will receive your lesson and daily practice in the morning for 28 days. Congrats again on making a positive difference in your daily energy and looking forward to an awesome four weeks!!

***You can start the challenge as early as 3 days from today’s date (we have to create an account for you and you have to finish the setup process) and as late as 2 weeks from today’s date.

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