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14 Day Mindfulness Eating Course

/14 Day Mindfulness Eating Course
14 Day Mindfulness Eating Course 2017-04-14T12:18:47+00:00

During this 14 day course you will be educated on mindful eating habits and how it can affect your body.

Course overview below:

Lesson 1: Eat Slowly Basics
Lesson 2: Benefits of Slow Eating
Lesson 3: Tips to Slow Down
Lesson 4: Deeper Into Digestion
Lesson 5: Buffet Tips
Lesson 6: Recap and Review
Lesson 7: Plan Ahead
Lesson 8: Reading Your Body’s Signals
Lesson 9: Intuitive Eating
Lesson 10: Mental Game of Eating
Lesson 11: Emotional Eating
Lesson 12: Willpower
Lesson 13: Recap and Review
Lesson 14: Wrap Up

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