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14 Day Mindfulness Break Course

/14 Day Mindfulness Break Course
14 Day Mindfulness Break Course 2017-04-14T12:15:20+00:00

During this 14 day course you will be educated on the importance of taking mindfulness breaks and ways to do so.

Course lessons overview below:

Lesson 1: Take a 10 Minute Break
Lesson 2: How Productive Are You?
Lesson 3: How To Be Successful With Your Breaks
Lesson 4: Mindfulness
Lesson 5: Mindfulness and Food
Lesson 6: Recap and Review
Lesson 7: Action Plan
Lesson 8: Your Autonomic Nervous System – Part 1
Lesson 9: Autonomic Nervous System – Part 2
Lesson 10: Flow
Lesson 11: Personal Relationships
Lesson 12: Switching Systems
Lesson 13: Recap and Review
Lesson 14: Moving Forward

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