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14 Day Good and Bad Fats Course

/14 Day Good and Bad Fats Course
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During this 14 day course you will learn about good and bad fats.

Below is an overview of the lessons that will be covers during your 14 day course:

Lesson 1: FAT
Lesson 2: How To Incorporate Fat
Lesson 3: Different Types of Fat
Lesson 4: Why Fat is Important
Lesson 5: Healthy Fat Recipes
Lesson 6: Week Review – Fats
Lesson 7: Review and Prep for Week
Lesson 8: All About Oils
Lesson 9: All About Trans Fats
Lesson 10: Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s
Lesson 11: Cooking with Fats
Lesson 12: Fats for Your Body Type
Lesson 13: Weekly Review – Week 2 Fats
Lesson 14: Review and Recap

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