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14 Day Food Journaling Course

/14 Day Food Journaling Course
14 Day Food Journaling Course 2017-04-14T12:03:56+00:00

During this 14 day course you will be educated on food journaling and why it can be an important asset to fat loss and reaching your overall health goals.

Below are the 14 lessons that you will be educated on during this course:

Lesson 1: Food Journal
Lesson 2: Track Everything!
Lesson 3: Why Is This Important?
Lesson 4: Food and Emotions
Lesson 5: The Act of Feeling
Lesson 6: Food Portions
Lesson 7: Recap and Review
Lesson 8: A Side Benefit of Journals
Lesson 9: Mindfulness Techniques
Lesson 10: Late Night Snacking
Lesson 11: Cheat Meals
Lesson 12: Keeping Your Food Journal
Lesson 13: Recap and Review
Lesson 14: Going Forward

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