Challenge yourself to take all that is hurting you and channel it into something that will assist you with becoming better and the best you… Even after God healed me I still felt the pain. Even now to this day I’m hurting. He has blessed me to be able to see the good in seemingly bad situations… Believe me it’s not easy having to accept things you can’t change in life… They say we can’t change what has happened but we can choose how we use it! I’ve been shown how to channel my negative energy into something positive… We all have good and bad in us but we get to choose which one you want to focus on. Does this mean you will be perfect or will not fall from time to time, NO!

So my question to you is… How will you use your PAIN? Hopefully you will find a way to take all that pain and use it for motivation to do something greater than you can even imagine. 

Remember… Mindset is where everything starts! 😁