CJay Evolved

CJay EVOLVED is a representation of me and all the transformations that have taken place in my life.  My most impactful evolution as a person took place while living in the United Arab of Emirates, physically, mentally and spiritually.  My UAE friends know me as CJay, so I embrace CJay as the woman I EVOLVED into.

EVOLVE is a word that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My first salon out of cosmetology school was named Studio Evolution, with the concept being – Evolving you from the inside out!!! I wanted to make women not only beautiful on the outside, by grooming their hair and doing their make up, but also to make sure they have a love for self on the inside.  I have always had the desire to help people EVOLVE to their better self and my business is designed to serve this purpose whether it be personally, spiritually or physically.  I am here for you.  Let’s get started today.