Unlimited Mindset Network

Unlimited Mindset Network


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With the Fitness App you will have access to receive *remote coaching, track and create your own personal workouts, group and community fitness support, *self service meal planning, *discounts on custom  services and program and more things to come. App is available on Android and Apple Operating Systems.


*Some programs access are basd on your membership level or may require a seperate purchase.

$34.95 Per Month

Online Training

Get access to on-demand classed, in-app messaging, progress tracking, group training, and more! Receive support and be inspired by your coach and our virtual community activities and group participants.

Stay Connected

Receive custom or group programs and nutrition plans right on your phone and tablet—then track your progress in real time. With our In-app messaging system you will be able to message your trainer and communicate, engage, and celebrate with other members within our online communities.

Eliminate excuses by syncing with your phone and tablets via Android or Apple operating systems  so you will never missed a workout, habit, or activity.

How It Works

Here is how you can use the mobile app to track your workouts and work with your trainer to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Self Service Meal Planning Access

Powered By Evolution Nutrition

This feature allows you to pick your own meal plan from our extensive database of professionally created plans.

$21.95 PER MONTH

How It Works


AudioBook Vault Access

Here you will have access to our growing vault of powerful audiobooks which you can listen to at your leisure. We look to add 1-2 new audiobooks per month. Our focuses are self development, health & wellness, nutrition, and fitness. We hope you listen and enjoy our selection.

$10.95 Per Month

Fitness Mindset

Fitness Mindset

What is Fitness or Being Fit?


The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.
Fit: of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.


In good health, especially because of regular physical and/or mental exercise.


To assist individuals in a group environment with becoming more fit mentally & physically by creating better habits through small changes done consistently.

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Fitness Mindset

Evolving Mindset Wellness Group

Become a Member






As Low As


*Unlimited Mindset Network Access via App.
*Self Meal Planning Service Access
*$40 Off Massage Therapy Services at Spa Sanity
*Access to the Audio Book of the Month (Posted on the Evolving Mindset Group Page)
*Discounts on Custom Fitness Programs via App
*Discounts on Health & Habit Coaching Programs
*First to know about future updates, programs, & opportunities

Audio Books Library

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