Request your appointment time with Derek. Most appointments are confirmed or denied within 24 hours or less. Please select 3 days and times that might work as alternatives. You will need a credit/debit card on file to complete your request. If your appointment is confirmed and you cancel or reschedule within the 24 hour window of your service you will be charge a flat fee of $20.95, if you cancel or reschedule outside the 24 hour period your card will not be charged.

Check the best way(s) to notify you of appointment status. You may select more than one.
The $20.95 will be deducted from your service charge and/or used in the event of cancellation within our 24 hour cancellation policy or no show policy. If you do not cancel or reschedule appointment before the 24 hour period you will have to pay another $20.95 to reschedule and forfeit the $20.95 deposit already paid.
Submit any need to know medical information or request dates and time here.
Upload a current picture (head shot only).